Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What is a Passion?

Earlier this week one of my teachers proposed a particular question to me, what my passion is, and after searching through the hallways of my mind and after much thought I came up with the brilliant answer that I have absolutely no idea.  Once i had made this realization another question came to mind, what exactly is a passion, now of course I'm not speaking of life's never ending game of romances, broken hearts and occasionally  love, no I'm speaking about the reason a why a modern human even gets out of bed. Now by definition it is "an intense desire or enthusiasm for something," but  what exactly drives a person to keep on going, what makes them tick as it were, what is their purpose for living out their lives.

For some it's all about athletics and being the best at everything they ever do, they live for the challenge along with the satisfaction of winning over anyone who gets in their way, but that isn't me I'm not the athletic type, nor am i extremely competitive, i can barely run a few minuets without becoming winded. No my passion was not athletics, so I continued my search to find myself, my inner passion.

My mind turned to music, some live for the thrill of music, the raw emotion it gives voice to, but alas while i might enjoy music i don't think I could really stoop down to calling it my passion. On the same note I enjoy playing the trombone to a challenging piece of music ,and overcoming it and eventually playing it beautifully, but while I enjoy playing, I still could not say that the trombone is the reason for my existence, nor the goal of my life.

So I continued to walk down the clouded paths of my mind in search of my passion, could it possibly be education. I thought of several people who I had met through my brief time during this life of a mere fifteen years, plenty of people who strove for perfect grades and being the best and the smartest. They live a life of problems, equations and complete genius, leading themselves to a fantastic college education at a pristine university and a future full of fortune and greatness. Sadly I don't see myself in this category, while I may be clever, or smart, I cant count my self at the top of the educational ladder, I make fairly decent grades and have common sense, but  I don't really live for education, it bores me most times,  It's more of a trial I must endure to move on then something that I really truly enjoy. So no, education would not cut it for me.

Now here we are four hundred and sixty words in and I still have no idea what my passion is, but I am starting to understand what the basic idea of a passion is, and possibly with a little bit of luck and persistence I can find my true passion.

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